Understanding of formation mechanisms of fine particles formed during rapid pyrolysis of biomass
Velocity profiles of avalanches during hopper discharge
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Morphological Evolution of a Single Char Particle with a Low Ash Fusion Temperature during the Whole Gasification Process
Modeling study of residence time of molten slag on the wall in an entrained flow gasifier
Investigations of CH∗ chemiluminescence and blackbody radiation in opposed impinging coal-water slurry flames based on an entrained-flow gasifier
In Situ Study on K2CO3‑Catalyzed CO2 Gasification of Coal Char: Interactions and Char Structure Evolution
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Effect of the moisture content of straw on the internal friction angle of a granular biomass–coal system
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A novel amphoteric β-cyclodextrin-based adsorbent for simultaneous removal of cationic/anionic dyes and bisphenol A
A new prediction method for the viscosity of the molten coal slag. Part 2: The viscosity model of crystalline slag
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